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Justin Blackmon's return from a four-game suspension. Blackmon had Colin Kaepernick Jersey five catches for 136 yards and a touchdown.The Jaguars have another offensive threat in running

yards per game (489.8 yards per game), and first for pass offense (373.8 yards per game).The Jaguars symbolize the almost perfect polar opposite of the nflfhggfhoooo562 Broncos. They

The year was 1998. The opponent was the Denver Broncos, who came in with a 13-0 record."They left with a loss," Fox said of the 20-16 Giants win over a team that went on to capture the Super Bowl. "And thi team has beaten us four out of the last five times we've played. Nobody here is taking anybody lightly."The Broncos got embarrassed on defense last week in that 51-48 win over Dallas, allowing Tony Romo to pass for 506 yards and five touchdowns. The Jaguars have shown nothing near that sort of ran 500,000 game simulations and it has the Broncos winning 95.8 percent of the time the highest win percentage ever generated for an NFL game.According to the same website, the Jaguars would lose even if they had Manning as their qu NaVorro Bowman Jerseyarterback. In its simulations, Denver won 54.3 percent of the time. We're assuming that number would be a lot higher if little brother Eli Manning were starting for the Jags.Last week, the Las Vegas Hilton came out with a money line on the game. If you pick the Broncos, you'd have to lay $200 just to win a single buck. Just to make that sink in a little, you'd have to wager $200 million to win $1 million.Interestingly,

way.Manning tossed an interception for the second consecutive game and might have taken as many hits Sunday as he has all season.Written off as a national punch line this week, Jacksonville came to play. When they pulled to within two points in the middle of the third quarter, it appeared the mighty Broncos were at least breaking a sweat even if an upset was too much to ask.Still seeking their first win of the season, the Jaguars just couldn't hang with one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history for a full

quarterback Peyton Manning called the point spread "completely irrelevant," but of course, it's not. It's just another reason this is actually the most compelling game on the Week 6 schedule.To paraphrase a line from LeBron James, it is conceivable the Jaguars will lose not just by four touchdowns, not five, not six, not seven well, you get the idea. America has always loved a good disaster movie, and who isn't curious to see how bad the carnage could get at Mile High?The numbers alone suggest it should be nothing short of a colossal rout:The Broncos scored 51 points last week aga 49ers Ronnie Lott Jerseyinst the Cowboys. That's exactly how many points the Jaguars have scored all