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These chips are critical components that gucci sale often are referred to as the "brains" of a computer. The action also challenged Intel's conduct in markets for graphics processing units and other chips. "This case demonstrates that the FTC is willing to challenge anticompetitive conduct by even the most powerful companies in the fastest-moving industries," said FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz. "By accepting this settlement, we open the door to hermes bags replica competition today and address Intel's anticompetitive conduct in a way that may not have been available in a final judgment years from now," he added. There was no fine under the settlement, but Intel has to make significant changes to the way it does business. The company will be prohibited from conditioning benefits to computer makers in exchange for their promise to buy chips from Intel gucci handbags exclusively or to refuse to buy chips from others, the FTC said. In addition, the company can't retaliate against computer makers if they do business with non-Intel suppliers by withholding benefits from them.Top cyber-security analysts are gathering in the Chinese capital for a summit to boost security in the sector, amid the increasing threat of computer hacking worldwide. About 300 participants from moncler usa countries including the United States, Japan and Australia are attending the two-day summit, which starts on Wednesday and is initiated by XFOCUS, a Chinese information security society. Starting from a website in 1999 created by information security professionals, XFOCUS has organized eight Xcon conferences since 2002 for professionals in the industry to exchange skills and meet friends. The meeting replica hermes birkin has drawn wide media attention partly because China has grown quickly to become the country with the biggest Internet population in 2009 and consequently experienced frequent cases of cyber attacks, analysts said. The conference gathers information security professionals to exchange skills and welcomes stakeholders to discuss technical issues, said Fang Xing, a veteran participant and a cheap gucci bags speaker at the meeting. Fang is also one of 16 core members of XFOCUS. "We don't want to be confused with the so-called hackers," said Fang, CEO of the Nanjing-based information technology cooperation, Vulnhunt. There are two camps within the hacker community, Fang said. One is called "the black hat" and its members attack systems, while members of the other "white hat" group defend systems from moncler jackets sale being attacked, said the 37-year-old Fang. "Although many people call us 'hackers', actually we are the 'white hats' who have conducted deep research on hackers' technologies to help enterprises and users defend themselves replica bags against hackers," Fang said. fs109
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