Need to Know the General Knowledge About Impact Breaker


Impact crusher can be widely used in water, electricity, highway, artificial aggregate production, crushing business and so on. The type of impact crusher can be dealing with the material( (granit, limestone, concrete and so on) with the side length 500mm, not more than 350Mpa anti-pressure strength. Impact crusher is applicable for crushing soft materials and large hardness material

The hammer plate of impact crusher take use of mechanical clamping structure firmly fixing on the rotor, it generates great interia when it rotates with the rotor. So the rotor of impact crusher is with more large momentum, that is why the impact crusher suitable to crush great hardness materials.

Compared with the jaw crusher, cone crusher, ring roll crusher, the impact crusher has the following features:

1. Good product particles. under the impact, often along its most vulnerable levels being broken material fracture, the selective crushing method, the probability of the particles in the form of a cube is higher, and the jaw crusher and roll crusher, cone crusher needle flake percentage of the product content will be higher than 15%.

2. Big crushing ratio. The impact crusher crushing ratio can reach more than 50, and jaw crusher, cone crusher and roll crusher is difficult to more than 20.

The above features show the impact crusher role in the numerous crushing machinery and the crusher has various advantages. Also the impact crusher has its disadvantages. the hammer head, plate hammer and impact plate and so on, wear very quick in use. This kind of defects make impact crusher be used for crushing medium hard materials.

Most crusher equipment users know among the five commonly used crushermachinery, impact crusher ( and hammer crusher both belong to make use of impact force to crush brittle material. Impact crusher is building sand production of special equipment, especially suitable for the production of abrasive, fire-proof material ,cement, quartz sand, steel grit, furnace ballastless powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, cobble, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregate, etc, is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving of gravel sand making equipment.