The Service and Lessening Energy Consumption of Stone Crusher


Crusher is the main equipment in the mining. Mining crusher can be divided into hammer crusher, jaw crusher and impact crusher. Although there are so many kinds of crushers, high production efficiency, lower energy consumption and highly competitive strength at market are vital to any crushing equipment.The following are the methods of reducing crusher’s energy consumption:One, the bulk materials inside the crusher should meet the crushing requirements mini rock crusher, that is to say, the hardness of raw materials should be within the maximum hardness that the crusher can be broken.Two, materials that not belong to the crushing materials like as iron block should be prevented into the crusher in the process of crushing.Three, screen classifier should be installed reasonably, by which the materials been crushed can be segregated avoiding repeating crushing.Four, the stress situation should be improved, by which the function Laminated crushing van be fully brought into play. Besides, the hardness of the feed materials should be uniform while crusher working.With the massive improvement in stone crusher, it has better performance in respects of installation, transmission, manufactures, production and maintenance. It’s effective in the product process while it doesn’t have much difficulty in repairing works. If one wants to repair the machine in a proper way, he has to know its working principles clearly before he starts working.Though there are different types of stone crushers, some of the steps of maintenance are same. Before the maintenance, one always has to make a rigorous inspection of the machine. Pay attention the raw materials fed in the machine, to check if the size or the species of the materials is wrong. Because the wrong materials are likely to lead the damages to the crusher: they may be stocked in the space of the parts of the machine. The mistake could be dangerous. And check if the lubrication system works normally. If there is no sufficient lubricator oil, the machine will be shut down like it’s broken. It’s not a big problem but might bring a lot of extra work.stone crusher plant: