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A daily commute to work can have negative effect to people's health, a study published Sunday in the journal BMC Public Health suggests. After surveying 21,000 full-time louis vuitton outlet online workers aged from 18 to 65, researchers from Lund University in Sweden found people who commute to work by car, bus or train suffer more stress, exhaustion and poorer sleeping quality than those cycle or walk to work. Nevertheless, the surveyed people with longer cheap louis vuitton commute times did not report higher amounts of stress. The study showed that those who traveled 30 to 60 minutes by car were actually more stressed than those who had to travel more than one hour. Researchers speculate that it is because those with a prada outlet online longer commute had more time to relax. But the researchers were not sure how commuting caused poorer health. "More research needs to be done to identify how exactly commuting is related to the ill health we observed in order to readdress the balance between economic needs, health, and the prada handbags uk costs of working days lost," said study author Erik Hansson. "The present findings provide further reason to target the positive well-being of older people," the authors wrote, reported by the Los Angeles Times. Yoga might help people reduce mulberry outlet online chronic back pain, according to a new British study carried by the Annals of Internal Medicine. The study, conducted in Britain, followed 313 adults with nonspecific chronic back pain. It found that three months of weekly yoga classes can ease mulberry sale back pain more than the usual course of care. Even a year later, patients with such pain who had participated in yoga classes reported less pain than those who hadn't. "Even for patients who still had pain, they showed an improvement in being able to perform louis vuitton outlet their normal daily activities," said study researcher David Torgerson, of the University of York. Yoga has long been studied as a treatment for back pain because of its cheap prada bags combined focus on stretching, strengthening and relaxing. WYL0109 gucci outlet gucci bags louis vuitton outlet store online