Running Rules of Grinding Body and Cylinder in Ball Mill


The cylinder of ball mill is welded by several steel plates of 12-15mm thickness. Both ends of the cylinder are welded by flange plates so that the feed end cap and the discharge end cap of the cast steel can be connected to. There is replaceable lining plate in the cylinder. To keep the close contact of lining plate and cylinder inner wall and buffer the steel ball impact to the cylinder, there is plywood between the lining plate and the cylinder inner wall. After a period of observing the machinery factory on site and combined with the grinding dynamics principle of ball mill, we found an unreasonable phenomenon in the actual production of ball mill rough grinding chamber. Now we will analysis the interaction force on the throwing movement when grinding body and the material motion trajectory and the acting force between the, to explore the causes of this phenomenon. So in order to optimize feeding device, improve the unreasonable problem, the need for feeding spot improvement. Thereby reducing the ball mill grinding efficiency and improve the consumption.The grinding body of intermittent ball mill conducted the impact on the material and grinding at the same time, when the material is grinded to a certain fineness, material has certain cushioning for grinding medium, reducing the grinding medium on the impact of the material, and it"s easy to cause the material grinding. And continuous ball mill grinding body in the impact on the material and grinding was conducted separately. In architectural ceramics, cylinder can generally be divided into two or three positions, depending on the degree of easy grinding material and material feed particle size and the requirement of the discharging granularity, each warehouse and the length of the tube"s total length is not the same, must be reasonable design.grinding rod mill: