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The figures echoed a report last year that about 80 percent of China's primary and middle school students were not sleeping enough, getting an average of less than eight hours replica birkin bag of sleep, even on weekends. Heavy workloads, poor study-habits and long commute-times are believed to be contributing to the sleep deficit. Thursday's report also cited homework as the biggest factor that resulted in children's dwindling outdoor activities. Survey hermes outlet uk results show that 27.7 percent of children spend less than one hour playing outside while 12.45 percent watch TV or play electronic games for more than two hours during semesters. Reacting to the situation, China formulated a 10-year national education louis vuitton online outlet plan (from 2010 to 2020) in 2010, pledging to build an assignment-burden monitoring and reporting mechanism to lessen the pressure on primary and secondary school students. Scientists in Singapore have developed a bird flu test kit that can detect all the existing strains of the H5N1 viruses rapidly in a single test, the Agency for Science and Technology Research said on Tuesday. The birkin bag replica test kit, which has been clinically validated by several hospitals in Southeast Asia, allows the test to be completed within a few hours with almost 100 percent accuracy, the agency said in a joint press release together with the Tan Tock Seng Hospital and cheap timberland boots uk private firms involved in the development. The current standard for H5N1 detection recommended by the World Health Organization is only able to detect three out of the 10 distinct genetic groups. "Our technology has greatly simplified and accelerated cheap timberland boots the process of detection and identification of new H5N1 variants. Such information is especially critical when the virus mutates to become more dangerous, such as in drug resistance," said Masafumi Inoue, a senior research scientist from louis vuitton bags outlet the Experimental Therapeutics Center of the Agency for Science and Technology Research who was involved in the development of the kit. Inoue co-developed the kit with Timothy Barkham, a senior consultant of Laboratory cheap louis vuitton handbags Medicine from the Tan Tock Seng Hospital. WYL0102 mulberry handbags mulberry handbags sale hermes outlet